Veronica Road

The project involved a careful, considered intervention to a large residential building in South West London.

Our brief included the reconfiguration of the existing ground floor, creating physical connections between internal and external environments. Using large structural members concealed within the façade we proposed a wall of glass, broken down into different configurations to suit the functions within.

Externally a brick sympathetic of the existing London stock was chosen, where different arrangements were used to provide a modern aesthetic whilst subtly contrasting with the character of the original building behind.

Internally, whilst a large open plan living, dining and entertaining space was created, our approach was to ensure that these spaces could function separately from one another. Working in collaboration with one of London’s most experienced joinery companies we developed bespoke elegant pieces of furniture which supported the function of each space, where hues of Art Deco were woven into each piece of furniture.

Project Director:

Ben Paterson

Project Team:

Filipa Oliveira

Project Collaborators:

Shape London - Joinery

VisEngine - Visualisations