Situated with an existing split level unit to the ground and lower ground floor of the Pinnacle Building in Milton Keynes; the new Co-Working Space creates a vibrant addition to the existing commercial property. The space provides an informal area for building users to work and socialise, as well as providing numerous meeting spaces for large scale or one-to-one meetings.

TPM Studio designed joinery pieces to create numerous small scale interventions within the existing space. These help to create a variety of spaces, with a large open working area including smaller, more intimate areas for increased levels of privacy.

The colour palette used throughout, including fixed furniture, upholstery and loose furniture items, was intended to create warmth within the concrete and metal fabric of the unit. Smaller, domestic scale items such as vases, planters and ornaments were also included to make the space feel more comfortable, encouraging users to feel at home in the space.

Project Director:

Glen Moorley

Project Team:

Adam Thurston

Project Collaborators:

The Furniture Practice - Furniture

Nicholas Worley - Photography