Methuen Road

TPM Studio were engaged by the Harrow London Borough Council to develop a mixed-use development on an existing brown field site occupied by a Youth Musical Theatre and Day Care Facility.

In response to the irregular shape site boundary and constraints which included a brook to the north of the site, proposals sought to emulate the massing of the local residential community where appropriate and drive densities within the site away from key views and vistas.

Whilst still a brown field site our vision was to create a sympathetic development, where green spaces broke the mix of housing types. Towards the front of the site modern interpretations of typical terrace housing, set back from the main road, provided a suitable narrative and contextually grounded proposal. Internally, the larger development which included at ground floor community focused facilities, offered a range of apartment sizes suitable for multi-tenant occupation.

Externally the approach included predominately brick facades where stone banding and recesses created depth in elevation, fulfilling the Clients Brief which was to increase the social housing stock in an innovative and exciting manner.

Project Director:

Adam Thurston

Project Team:

Filipa Oliveira

Project Collaborators:

VisEngine - Visualisations