Marriott Hotel Leeds

The works at the Marriott Hotel Leeds involve the complete refurbishment of the existing hotel including 240 guestrooms, reception areas and conference facilities.

The hotel comprises two distinct buildings. One is the heritage building facing onto Boar Lane which was originally known as the Temperance Hotel. The other is a more modest modern building to the rear which faces onto Trevelyan Square.

The proposals aimed to unify the interior of the building through modern finishes and contemporary fixtures and fittings. Reception and lobby areas were reconfigured to provide private lounge space and bespoke artwork was commissioned which references the buildings textile manufacturing history.

Our involvement with the scheme started from inception and required us to develop the concept for the refurbishment of guestrooms, as well as the conference and banqueting areas. Working through gateways specific to the Marriott Hotel franchise, designs where presented to various Stakeholder parties to gain consent. The result is a comprehensive, elegant and modern intervention, into this iconic building in the centre of Leeds which echo’s the modern Marriott brand the owners are seeking to promote.

Project Director:

Ben Paterson

Project Team:

Brendan King

Beatriz Antuna Tentor

Project Collaborators:

Artiq - Artwork

Bell & Swift - Interior Design

VisEngine - Visualisations