Malvern House

Malvern House is an existing office building in Maidenhead, built circa 1990. TPM Studio’s brief was to not only refresh the existing interior and exterior of the building, but also reposition it within the marketplace as a more contemporary and current space, with the aim of tempting potential tenants away from Central and East London.

To this end, the scheme includes exposed structural soffits and services, a material palette of modern materials with an industrial feel, and a big increase in the welfare provisions of the building to help with improving staff wellbeing. This includes expanded cycle parking, shower, changing and personal storage facilities, as well as introducing external breakout spaces and landscaped areas.

To improve the external appearance and street-side presence of the building, existing lead cladding is replaced with fibre cement panelling, and the main entrance area is modified to create a much larger, more welcoming opening. This improved entrance to the building, along with new canopy, enlarged and completely remodelled Reception area, help to improve the visual impact and feeling of openness created by the existing building.

Project Director:

Glen Moorley

Project Team:

Matthew Purslow

Shaun Angell

Project Collaborators:

VisEngine - Visualisations