Buckland's Wharf

The development of Buckland’s Wharf formed a central part of the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames’ ‘Re-imagined Kingston Town Centre Street and Spaces Strategy’. Located on the south bank of the River Thames on the waterside directly adjacent to Kingston Bridge, the site had sat vacant for approximately 15 years, and stood in stark contrast to the vibrant riverside mixed use developments the opposite side of the bridge.

Developing on a partnership extending back 10 years, the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames approached TPM Studio to develop the disused former restaurant at the bottom of the much larger John Lewis Riverside development into a co-working space to serve individuals and SME’s in the local area.

The development of the shared area at the entrance to provide both a café and reception to the co-working area serves both the public and workers. This arrangement and materiality of the space allows for an improved sense of community by increasing inclusivity through the use of a profiled perforated aluminium screen. This screen provides both a physical barrier but is translucent enough for the public to engage with the space and further acts as a marketing opportunity for the workspace provider – allowing members of public to see the facilities available and make enquiries at reception.

Working within an extremely limited budget, TPM Studio’s design aimed to maximise the impact of available funds across the approx. 600sq.m of workspace area, requiring the imaginative use and adaptation of atypical materials into finishes and feature elements. The palette of exposed concrete, perforated aluminium and wood wool provide texture to the space and reference the brutalist architecture of the John Lewis Building.

Project Director:

Glen Moorley

Project Team:

Jade Pollard

Luke Dillon

Project Collaborators:

Henry Woide - Photography